Essay Plan

Before embarking on the task of writing my essay for the visual culture module, I made a brief plan in order to help me loosely structure my essay points in order to cover all relevant areas and keep track of my sources. While this plan may be tweaked as and changed as I write the essay, it is a helpful starting point for me, particularly if I end up encountering writer’s block. Since creating my poster, I have decided to add a couple of extra sources into my essay plan in order to strengthen my argument.

Introduction – begin with John Berger quote “men act and women appear”, introduce topic of female objectification in the media, end with introduction to advert.

Paragraph 1 – describe advertising campaign and link to porn industry, use Pornhub stats and Katie Cattermole keynote speech to back up. Link to ‘Messy Girl’ and discuss the pornographic feel of the advert and the objectification of lesbianism in the advert. comment on lack of gay men and transgender people in campaign.

Paragraph 2 – link to portrayals in film, using ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’. Julie Maroh’s review, Simone de Beauvoir The Second Sex “counselling man to treat her as a slave while persuading her she is a queen” link to idea of lesbians being glorified as though they are a treasured commodity but this is a disguise for objectification. link back to ‘Messy Girl’

Paragraph 3 –  discuss stereotypes of lesbians in media (femme vs butch), use Kristin Puhl’s essay for support, discuss men being aroused by two feminine women because it is femininity that they find erotic, not homosexuality. Use Spark Movement article to discuss treatment of ‘butch’ lesbians. link back to ‘Messy Girl’ and how the lesbians are portrayed in the advert.

Conclusion – sum up points from essay. discuss patriarchy as the central issue in portraying LGBT relationships in the media, end with John Berger quote “you painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and called the painting ‘Vanity’, thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for your own pleasure”


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